Underground Music From The Mainland

Esia’s Biography

« Esia started music in the early 90’s were, strongly influenced by the french Hip Hop scene, he decided to take part in this movement. After a detour in a Rock band where he learns how to play bass and compose music, he creates with his good friends CBC, Cox and Roymeo a crew of MCs named “Team Charognards” (in english “Vulture Team”) and start to record freestyle sessions in his garage equipped with a simple tape recorder. Besides that, strong of his previous experience as a bass player, Esia gets his hands on an old PC and starts to produce beats.

Things grow faster for Esia as the new Millenium begins. Between 2000 and 2004, he and his crew invest every Hip Hop nights and MC battles they can find around, in order to perfect their skills as MCs. Late 2004 he meets his future partner in crime, on and off stage, the very talented Arminda freshly arrived from Portugal. In 2005 the two of them plus his old fellow Roymeo and the fresh comer Yuldi Masta will establish a multicultural crew, the “Melting Potes Famila”, positive in its approach and its style which is now more Reggae Dancehall. During two years, the crew will perform in various clubs, festivals, music venues, local tours and radio shows. In 2006, still as part of the “Melting Potes Familia”, Esia will appear on Ciacia’s self-produced album “Mes Invités” (“My Guests”).

In March 2007, Esia and Arminda leave France for China where they meet in Shanghai the members of the Uprooted Sunshine Sound System, one of the first and only Reggae Sound Systems in China. Strongly impressed by their talent, these lasts will ask them really quickly to join in and sing for them. Permanently residing in Shanghai since then Esia has already sung along numerous internationally reknowned artists such as Andy C, Mungo’s Hifi, Clive Chin, Adrian Sherwood, Jahtari, Desto, Pinch, Adrian Sherwood, Kode 9 or Jahcoozi…

Through his engaged lyrics, Esia became a past master at describing what he perceives as the world’s disparities and the dysfunctions of the society, all this with his signature furious delivery. Moreover he is also a brilliant producer in progress who loves to compose more Dubstep orientated sounds defined by their rolling basslines, at the same time percussive and atmospheric. In one word, watch out for Esia, cause when disaster strikes, there is no warning! »

Discography and Collaborations

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