Underground Music From The Mainland

Music Video & Promo

Le Temps Passe – Didjelirium Feat. Esia (Steven Lorenz Remix)
(Track – Jun 2010; Video – April 2011).

Album  »Schizocele » by Didjelirium
Dubstep Remix by Steven Lorenz
Video by Esia

AM444 – 神经末梢 (Shen Jing Mo Shao)(Mar. 2011)

AM444 = Chinese singer ChaCha + Dutch producer Jay.Soul. Video by Esia (Uprooted Sunshine). Shen Jing Mo Shao is available 1 April 2011 on AM444’s debut cd Eye Wonder.

Depressing Tune (Track – Jan 2010 ; Video – Aug 2010)

First 100 % home made ; track, shooting & video By Esia

Le Temps Passe, featuring Esia (Track – Jun 2009 ; Video – Dec 2009).

Here is the first music video from Schizocele, the first french rapstep album from Didjelirium.

Music by Didjelirium
Lyrics by Didjelirium and Esia
Video by Didjelirium, Agama San and Esia

Stagga feat. Didjelirium & Esia- Blackout (Timewarp Riddim) ; (May 2010)

First official release, on Robox Neotech label, alongside Stagga, Doshy, Didjelirum, Akira Kiteshi, Kid606, Zeno

Artist: Stagga
Titel: Timewarp Ep
Catalog: rbxep14
Format: Digital + 12“ ( Sonic Lodge)
Date: 25.05.2010
incl. rmxes by Stagga himself,
Akira Kiteshi,Kid606,Zeno and
Blackout (Timewarp Riddim) by Didjelirium & Esia

Trailer for the Uprooted Sunshine’s gig in ZhengJiang

Little frustrating trailer – but aren’t every good trailers the same ? :p – shot and edited by Esia, during a gig in Zhenjiang, small city around Shanghai where the chinese MIDI Festival is now settled every year…when the licenses are given out by the govrt ! ^^


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